A preliminary review of Escape from Tarkov – impressions PTA

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Escape from Tarkov – multiplayer shooter about the fictional town of Tarkov, the victim of a local conflict, which clashed UN and Interior Ministry troops, with the result that the city was devastated and it was inhabited by a Wild people who have compromised on moral principles and on the path of banditry, made a real anarchy and arbitrariness. Also intervened in the conflict of two private military companies – USEC and BEAR – one of which has a player. Despite the fact that the game is similar with the atmosphere at the cult S. T. A. L. K. E. R. radiation, mutants, and anomalies here.

Important: since the game is in Closed beta, everything can still change significantly in the future. The information in the article is made on the current status of the game.

A lot of the game is similar to the new-fangled Battle Royale, although as such representative of the genre is not. Yes, here everyone for itself. Yes, the maps are huge locations with loot. But still, the game is about something else. There should not be the only survivors and escape from the map, finding the way out, taking with him valuable trophies.

By the way, the game is quite hardcore, so it will not be for everyone. Here each part of the body is healthy, and if one of them is damaged, you will get a nasty debuff, and if it starts bleeding, or even without a first aid kit to live the character for a long time. Yet there it is if you suddenly long to be in the location. But the hardest – dying your belongings are lost if they are not in the small pouch where the items will be returned to you.

Such seemingly small detail but a very serious impact on gameplay. Before you go into battle you think three times, and whether to take a fancy machine, because you can lose it in the first minute. Your stuff can be insured, but not the fact that they will come back to you. And if you’re lucky enough, you still have to wait long. Besides, if your item was picked up by another player, then forget about it forever.

Often you will have to go to RAID without all things, one with a knife to find at least something of value for the merchant. Besides, finding something on the card also difficult. Storage a bit, and to find at least some kind of weapon – a great success. For 5-6 hours I managed to find two knives and one gun. Moreover, more or less useful – only the last. And even then, the weapons still have to find the stores and ammunition separately.

You can also kill other players and Wild to obtain the weapon. Last – npc encounters on the map. Because the maps are large and players on them a little, on a Wild run across will most often. It would be a mistake to think that they’re easy pickings. Shoot and maneuver, they are well and can kill with one shot. In that, they, as usual, armed with small arms. With a knife, can I see them still sneak up on you, but to make it easy? Sometimes, by the way, you might get lucky and you meet the corpses of the Wild, which came across a skilled player, not robbed all the bodies. So in rare cases a good arm.

Usually in games about Russia is getting used to the devastation of the years 70-80. In Tarcowie are the 21st century. Usually in games about Russia is getting used to the devastation of the years 70-80. In Tarcowie is the 21st century.
By the way, you can be one of the Wild and receive the initial service. But you will not have the pouch, and you will have to find a way up to all found you. Moreover, you will go even outfit the Wild. You can go on raids naked and collect some loot in a pouch, or go Wild and make a quick escape to the exit. Since the game is hardcore even a happy one even found a jar of stew, which comes to you from the pouch. Sometimes though what the result is still appreciated. In this, so that one of the beauties of hardcore games.

Shooting in the game sometimes more luxury and privilege than a way of struggle. But since it is an integral part of the gameplay, let’s talk about it. Here, as in many hardcore shooters, shooting slow enough. The character is not too agile, and sight as such only to the eye, forcing you to aim. In General, more close to reality, so fans of dynamics, it is necessary to pass.
Here, even two Wild, very dangerous. Anyway, the game has quite a slow pace. Excess noise and you’ll attract the attention of the Wild and other players. Often the game tells you not to go for a break, and to avoid conflict. Or to take a comfortable position and make accurate shots, otherwise, you can delay the battle and receive a fatal bullet in the forehead.

Of course, gradually, you will become better. And it’s not only personal skills but also the skills of the hero. Here they pumped in TES – the use of skill is pumping it. They are here a lot – a few dozens. There are both military and peaceful. Yet there is in the possession of a weapon.

Pumped here and the attitude of the merchants, opening you to new products. By the way, the traders here already 7 people, each buys and sells certain things. In addition to rules, if the dollar currency. Some things are bought for special items. And yet it was the traders give you the job – basically, to find some object.

Now should talk about the visual and technical part of the game. In terms of graphics, it is clear that the game budget. But, thanks to the study, the game looks very cool. All the levels have some detail, objects, the game rarely repeats itself. Best of all is the local shopping centre where a huge variety of places and shops. I personally have not met one similar brand. At some point I just gave up on survival and explored the location, learning what the center was before. Rarely what online game makes to do so. Yes, in General, everything here looks great. Nature is also very well done, and something bad passes that the post-Soviet spirit, which is so loved in S. T. A. L. K. E. R.

The local scenery is very pleasing to the eyeThe local scenery is very pleasing to the eye
In purely technical terms the game is also very good for the PTA. So far I have not seen any departure or disconnection from the server. Bugs I also have not yet met. At some points, the FPS sags – but this is purely trivial. Some strong discomfort due to do not feel. But again, for the PTA it is a very good indicator.

Overall, Escape from Tarkov – a highly original project that drew from modern trends and added their own. Until developers get a very atmospheric, beautiful and hardcore shooter. How to develop the project further, we will see in the future, when the game released.

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