Mothergunship — million stray bullets – Review

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Have Terrible Posture Games guns of various calibers elevated to the object of worship? Tower of Guns, the first project of a young Studio, released in 2014, was an interesting experiment and, apparently, a kind of prototype Mothergunship. The latter develops many of the ideas of its predecessor: crazy weapons with a wide range of customization and… in General, why we’re doing this!

Indefinitely distant future. On the Ground attacked by an alien artificial intelligence. Last pockets of resistance. Familiar? Corny? Is not the word! So it seems at first glance. The authors understood that they are unlikely to afford much fun to tell a serious story, and gameplay based on not a heavy science fiction. And here is a parody of the genre, with witty dialogue, breaking the fourth wall and a pinch of Portal.

During the game, more not looking forward to another sweep of the room with a dozen other turrets, and another deliberately stupid conversation of the Colonel and the vulnerable AI with a play on cliches. It agree it is strange. Still, Mothergunship promises intense action. And it definitely is. But with a load of problems of varying severity.

The game looks like a shooter with elements ropica. On the ship resistance, our protagonist, who didn’t even merit his own name, chooses the next task — the enemy ship you want to destroy. Each time a level is generated randomly and consists of a sequence of rooms. They are usually from five to ten on a single alien ship. Consistently we clean them, press the big red button, which, of course, does not cause self-destruction of the space of the trough… and under the roar of the explosion sent back to base. To repeat again and again for several hours. At least, that is how much it will take to complete the story. After the credits, however, the game ends and prompts you to continue to destroy the enemy ships until you’re blue.

The main feature Mothergunship — free customization of weapons. Over time we collect a lot of details from which to make their own works of art. The ingredients are divided into three types: trunks, fastening and reinforcement. The idea is that the number of combinations is limited only by your imagination, and show game trailers. Please hang each other with machine guns, rocket launchers, saws, lasers and grenade launchers. However, it is clear that this construction one gulp demolish everything in its path and the necessary constraints.

First, each shot consumes a certain amount of energy. So the more guns bolted on, the faster squeezed the trigger reset “clip”, and have to wait for recharge. Secondly, before the beginning of each level you will be allowed to take only a couple of details. Everything else will have to buy in the process of passing over the coins that drop out of enemies. And you won’t have enough time to buy enough barrels to build some intricate design. It turns out that most of the time you still spend with the usual machine guns and plasma launchers. * Double. Or triple. As lucky.

Not terrible — if only to shoot it was interesting. But here, not without but. Mothergunship is not so much a shooter, as the representative of the genre of bullet hell, that is a “Dodge the rain of bullets.” Most of the enemies are variations of turrets that give you with volleys of missiles. Often enemies even kill not necessarily enough to reach the nearest exit from the room. However, then the coins you don’t, and, consequently, spare parts will remain a seductive gleam in the storefront. Have yet to fight.

Then comes into play by lady luck. You can in one room to drop a pile of treasure and power-UPS, and maybe nothing. Several rooms in a row. The level of interestingness arenas themselves also once again not have fall and small rooms that you can slip in half a minute, and very spacious multi-level rooms.

Too much depends on random chance. Projects in the style of bullet hell require the player quick reactions and smart positioning. If any Serious Sam or Doom movement — life, Mothergunship misstep can lead to death. Only that review must be 360 degrees, and in the first-person perspective to look simultaneously in all directions will not work. A random bullet in the back will catch you far more than once. And remember — all the parts that you took on the assignment, or has acquired in the process at death are lost forever.

Lacking a more pronounced progression system. The details of the weapons you carry from level is a good thing, but the next time I still do not get to take all of your favorite items. And in addition, the authors suggest a growth in the level that allows you to invest skill points in three passive improvements: to improve health, speed up the running and add jumps in the air. Poorly.

Depressing and game design. Boring style is the Achilles heel of many projects that rely on random generation. Across the room with a bright neon or filled with lava workshop, but mostly have to run the same type of boring rooms, boring killing same type of enemies. Nevertheless, they can be formidable. The balance here, too, depends on the case. Sometimes the game can lock up on a small stage on a revolving platform in the middle of the sea of lava, and on you from all sides when it inevitably fly the rocket.

Mothergunship can certainly brighten up a few evenings in the first place thanks to the designer of the weapon. Unfortunately, the creators are not allowed to enjoy this opportunity to the max — player limit too much, and the chance given too much.


  • extensive customization of weapons;
  • witty submission of history;
  • if luck is on your side, Mothergunship will generate an interesting arena…


  • … or a dull room with a broken balance;
  • a serious limitation on the starting set of parts at the beginning of missions;
  • a poor set of opponents.

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