Dishonored Review

In an industry saturated by sequels and safe imitations, Dishonored is a breath of fresh air that will soon become a timeless classic talked about for generations to come. Arkane Studios has bucked the recent trend of following a proven formula to craft something unlike anything you’ve ever played. The steampunk shooter follows bodyguard-turned-supernatural assassin Corvo Attano,

Octopath Traveler — eight roads into the void. Review

Game tested on Nintendo Switch. Square Enix is a funny company. It destroys the series, which has earned the recognition, and at the same time desperately trying to resurrect the legacy of Squaresoft under different names. Dilogy Bravely Default/Bravely Second, mediocre I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, and the current Octopath Traveler was done not

Mothergunship — million stray bullets – Review

Have Terrible Posture Games guns of various calibers elevated to the object of worship? Tower of Guns, the first project of a young Studio, released in 2014, was an interesting experiment and, apparently, a kind of prototype Mothergunship. The latter develops many of the ideas of its predecessor: crazy weapons with a wide range of

A preliminary review of Escape from Tarkov – impressions PTA

Escape from Tarkov – multiplayer shooter about the fictional town of Tarkov, the victim of a local conflict, which clashed UN and Interior Ministry troops, with the result that the city was devastated and it was inhabited by a Wild people who have compromised on moral principles and on the path of banditry, made a